“In law, conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of real property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien” – Google Scholar

Key Contact


Adv. Aksa Mbwana

BW Advocate Partner
Head of Conveyancing and Labor Law


Land ownership and transfers by sale, lease, mortgage and gifts is an area fully tapped at Bill & Williams Advocates. Let us help you with any kind of transfer in title a landed property. We have a long term experience in drafting relevant documents, procedures, applicable taxes as well as relevant government institutions for any kind of transfer.

Tanzania is currently witnessing a massive expansion as a result of the changing economic times. The scale of the projects is unmatched. Our attorneys are well-versed in property and conveyancing law. They have a plethora of expertise and experience in property law and can thus meet the problems of such large enterprises. We provide advice on property acquisition and development, as well as draft the necessary instruments to facilitate the acquisition.

We also produce the relevant papers for the transfer of real estate and register Mortgages and Charges in our clients’ names. In addition, we give real estate consulting and litigate in all property-related matters, including expropriation cases. In summary, the following areas of practice are covered under this heading: real estate acquisitions and sales, construction contracts, project management, consultancy agreements, mortgages/charges, Land regulations controlling property acquisitions and sales, land registers and allotments Land use conversion, Due diligence and title search report preparation, Regulatory regulations, particularly those pertaining to permits and approvals, Property tax and other real estate taxes Transfer preparation and registration Representation at an Alternative Dispute Resolution Court, In the case of real estate and Leases, grants, and tenancy agreements are all prepared.

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