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““All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Adv. Aksa Mbwana

BW Advocate Partner
Head of Conveyancing and Labor Law
Email: aksa@bwadvocates.co.tz

Conveyancing and Labor Law

We assist clients in Employment and labour relations to operate in a manner that prevents their businesses from infringing the Laws. We also help them to see that healthy labour relations is crucial to the development of any institution. We are approached by our clients to assist them on;

  • Procedures for fair termination of employment,
  • Review and draft of legally acceptable employment contracts
  • Terminal benefits such as social security funds, pay as you earn (PAYE),
  • Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) and other terminal benefits.
  • Legal representation at the Commission for Mediation and Arbitration, and revision at the High Court of Tanzania and appeal at the Court of appeal of Tanzania.

When you find yourself at odds with your employer or employee and feel the need to seek legal counsel, it can be a frightening and intimidating situation. Fortunately, Bill and Williams Advocates has a dedicated team of lawyers from a wide range of backgrounds who can help you navigate any workplace dispute.
We will assist you in making sense of your situation, advising you on the best course of action, and ensuring that you approach any dispute from a position of legal strength and safety.
From advice on leaving a business and redundancies to settlement agreements and workplace disputes, the sooner you contact us, the stronger your legal position will be.

Our employment lawyers are experts in finding practical solutions to help you move forward from a difficult workplace situation. Settlement agreements, contracts, redundancy, discrimination, unfair dismissal, grievance hearings, and tribunals are all covered.

It is critical to consult with an employment law specialist in order to make informed decisions during what can be a stressful time. Among our specialized services are:

Settlement agreements – assisting in the negotiation of an agreement with your employer when things aren’t going well.

Redundancy – Disputes, assessing exit packages and settlement agreements (and negotiating on your behalf), and advice on whether to pursue unfair dismissal claims.

Employment Tribunal – advice on whether to take your case to tribunal and how to do so.

Employment contract law – explains what you have a right to from your employer.

Discrimination in the workplace – including discrimination based on disability, age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Whistleblowing – your rights if you make a disclosure that falls under the purview of whistleblowing legislation.

Constructive dismissal – your rights if you feel forced to resign because your boss has made the workplace hostile to you.

Family-friendly employment rights – such as maternity and paternity leave, as well as requests for flexible working hours.

Grievance hearings – advice on HR procedures that your employer should use to ensure a fair process.

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