Intellectual property rights are intended to promote and protect mental creations and inventions. Intellectual property rights provide legal protection for artistic and scientific innovations – International Trade Administration

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Adv. Ernest William

BW Advocate Lead Partner
Head of Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

With our team of practitioners on Intellectual Property (IP), we are IP consultants and Trademark Agents. We help our clients with acquisition, enforcement and commercialization of Trade Marks, licensing, renewals, opposition proceedings,  and regular IP health check on IP assets. 

Our copyright law services include advising on and handling of transactions involving copyrights. The transactions include licensing and transfer of ownership or assignment agreements, as well as enforcement works including infringement notices and court actions. We train innovators and create IP rights awareness. We assist entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises owners in looking at the Intellectual Property aspects as assets worth protection.  

Our intellectual property practice safeguards the ideas, technology, products, and brands of our clients. Global clients from a variety of industries hire us for complex intellectual property litigation, transactions, and counseling. We help clients protect their market position and maximize their intellectual property, from market leaders to dynamic startups. Our clients benefit from our significant market expertiese.

We are business-savvy and understand that intellectual property (IP) is more than just registering, maintaining, and enforcing IP rights; it is a key driver of a company’s asset value, growth, and sustainability. What distinguishes us from our competitors is our focus on collaborating with you to create valuable intellectual property assets to drive your commercial success. We work hard to gain a thorough understanding of your business and goals so that we can assist you in developing your intellectual property assets and creating value and growth for your company.

One of the many advantages is that you can always interact with a single point of contact regardless of how many countries your project spans.

Our approach is practical and business-oriented. We help you establish the role of your IP in commercial transactions by gaining a thorough understanding of the nature of the IP assets you create and own. We also advise you on how to best protect, enhance, and exploit your valuable intellectual property assets.

Our commercial IP offering in East Africa is unrivaled, and it works in tandem with our prosecution and litigation teams. It is the continent’s largest and fastest growing specialist IP group.

We are cost-effective, providing world-class services with quick turnaround times at a very reasonable prices.

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